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Barbarea vulgaris



This name was first published in Hortus Kew. Ed. 2 (see TL-2 Suppl. III: 141). R. Brown is considered to have been the author of the section on Brassicaceae, but this is not indicated in the book. Therefore, under the rules of nomenclature (Melbourne ICN Art. 46, Note 3, but see Ex. 23), authorship of the name must be cited as W.T.Aiton, who was the author of the book[
Plants for a Future
Ken Fern
Notes from observations, tasting etc at Plants For A Future and on field trips.
Barbarea vulgaris is highly variable in length and orientation of fruit and fruiting pedicel, style length, and the division of cauline leaves. Several varieties have been recognized, and they represent some of the many points along one continuum. In my opinion, it is better not to recognize any infraspecific taxa in North America[
Flora of N. America
An on-line version of the flora with an excellent description of the plant including a brief mention of plant uses.

+ Synonyms

Arabis barbarea Bernh.

Barbarea abortiva Hausskn.

Barbarea altaica Andrz. ex Steud.

Barbarea arcuata (Opiz ex J.Presl & C.Presl) Rchb.

Barbarea arcuata Andrz. ex DC.

Barbarea augustana Boiss.

Barbarea balcana Pančić

Barbarea barbarea MacMill.

Barbarea hirsuta Weihe

Barbarea iberica (Willd.) DC.

Barbarea kayseri Schur

Barbarea lepuznica Nyár.

Barbarea linnaei Spenn.

Barbarea lyrata Asch.

Barbarea macrophylla Halácsy

Barbarea pyrenaica Jord.

Barbarea rivularis Martrin-Donos

Barbarea rivularis Pančić

Barbarea rupestris Steud.

Barbarea sicula Gren. & Godr.

Barbarea stricta Willk.

Barbarea sylvestris Jord.

Barbarea taurica DC.

Barbarea vicina Martrin-Donos

Campe barbarea (Garsault) W.Wight

Campe rivularis (Martrin-Donos) A.Heller

Campe vulgaris (R.Br.) Dulac

Cheiranthus ibericus Willd.

Cheiranthus laevigatus Willd. ex DC.

Crucifera arcuata E.H.L.Krause

Crucifera barbaraea E.H.L.Krause

Eruca barbarea Lam.

Erysimum arcuatum Opiz ex J.Presl & C.Presl

Erysimum barbarea L.

Erysimum lucidum Salisb.

Erysimum lyratum Gilib.

Erysimum lyrifolium Stokes

Sisymbrium barbarea Garsault

Common Name: Yellow Rocket

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