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Useful Temperate Plants

Athyrium filix-femina

(L.) Roth


+ Synonyms

Allantodia angustatum (Willd.) Desv.

Allantodia asplenioides (Michx.) Desv.

Aspidium angustum Willd.

Aspidium asplenioides (Michx.) Sw.

Aspidium filix-femina (L.) Sw.

Asplenium cyclosorum (Rupr.) Fernald

Asplenium dombeyi (Desv.) Mett.

Asplenium filix-femina (L.) Bernh.

Asplenium michauxii Spreng.

Athyrium angustum (Willd.) C.Presl

Athyrium barnebyanum Mickel & Beitel

Athyrium contingens Ching & S.K.Wu

Athyrium dombeyi Desv.

Athyrium ensiferum Ching & H.S.Kung

Athyrium excelsium Ching

Athyrium galeottii Fée

Athyrium lancipinnulum Ching

Athyrium michauxii (Spreng.) Fée

Athyrium nudifrons Ching

Athyrium oblongum Ching

Athyrium paramicola L.D.Gómez

Athyrium paucifrons C.Chr.

Athyrium pumilio Christ

Athyrium supranigrescens Ching

Athyrium tarulakaense Ching

Athyrium tsaii Ching

Lastrea filix-femina (L.) Colomb

Nephrodium asplenioides Michx.

Nephrodium filix-femina (L.) Michx.

Polypodium filix-femina L.

Common Name: Lady Fern

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