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Aster tataricus



Generic delimitation in Astereae has long been a source of disagreement among botanists. The ways in which they treat the large and diverse genus Aster usually reflect their philosophy on generic concepts, and although there are many variations, in general there have historically been two schools of thought. The first approach maintains a very inclusive generic concept of a large genus Aster, with subdivision of the genus into several subgenera. The second approach was to segregate many distinctive small genera from Aster, thus adopting a narrow generic concept As a result of new in-depth studies of phenotype features and, more recently, DNA sequences, combined with reasonably strict adherence to the tenets of phylogenetic systematics, the genus Aster is now much more narrowly and more naturally defined than before. Consequently many of the species formerly accepted in a looser definition of that genus have now been transferred to several more narrowly defined genera.

+ Synonyms

Aster nakaii H.Lév. & Vaniot

Aster trinervius longifolius Franch. & Sav.

Common Name: Tartarian Aster

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