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Anthyllis vulneraria



Anthyllis vulneraria constitutes a very complex and heterogeneous form-cycle. This cycle manifests itself in complexes of different forms. In trying to work out the systematics of this group, one encounters great difficulties because of scarcity of distinguishing characters between the species (these being mostly recent and insufficiently differentiated races) and the occurrence of numerous intermediate or ‘transitional’ forms. Moreover, delimitation of the ‘series’ mentioned above involves almost insuperable difficulties because of the large number of what appear to be hybrid forms, which constitute a link between species that are sometimes of different origin[
Flora of the USSR.
Komarov. V. L.
Israel Program for Scientific Translation
An immense (25 or more large volumes) and not yet completed translation of the Russian flora. Full of information on plant uses and habitats but heavy going for casual readers. It can be downloaded from the Internet.
]. We are following the treatment of Cullen J. 1976. The Anthyllis vulneraria complex: a resume. Notes Roy. Bot. Gard. Edinburgh 35: 1-38; where Anthyllis vulneraria is treated as a complex species with more than 30 subspecies[
Plants for a Future
Ken Fern
Notes from observations, tasting etc at Plants For A Future and on field trips.

+ Synonyms

Anthyllis abyssinica (Sagorski) W.Becker

Anthyllis affinis A.Kern.

Anthyllis albana Wettst.

Anthyllis alpestris Hegetschw.

Anthyllis alpestris Rchb.

Anthyllis alpicola Brügger

Anthyllis arenaria (Rupr.) Juz.

Anthyllis argyrophylla Rothm.

Anthyllis arundana Boiss. & Reut.

Anthyllis asturiae W.Becker

Anthyllis biebersteiniana Popl.

Anthyllis boissieri (Sagorski) Grossh.

Anthyllis bonjeanii Beck

Anthyllis carpatica Pant.

Anthyllis coccinea pyrenaica Beck

Anthyllis colorata Juz.

Anthyllis daghestanica Chinth.

Anthyllis dillenii Don

Anthyllis dillenii Schult. ex Steud.

Anthyllis fennica (Jalas) Z.V.Kloczkova

Anthyllis font-queri Rothm.

Anthyllis forondae Sennen

Anthyllis gandogeri (Sagorski) W. Becker

Anthyllis hispida Boiss. & Reut.

Anthyllis hispidissima Sagorski

Anthyllis illyrica Beck

Anthyllis insularum Rothm.

Anthyllis kuzenevae Juz.

Anthyllis lachnophora Juz.

Anthyllis linnaei (Sagorski) Juz.

Anthyllis lusitanica Cullen & P. Silva

Anthyllis macrocephala Wender.

Anthyllis maritima Hagen

Anthyllis maura Beck

Anthyllis nivalis (Willk.) Beck

Anthyllis pachyphylla Rothm.

Anthyllis polyphylla (DC.) Don

Anthyllis polyphylla Kit. ex DC.

Anthyllis praepropera (A.Kern.) Beck

Anthyllis pseudovulneraria Sagorski

Anthyllis pulchella (Vis.) Vis.

Anthyllis rosea Willk.

Anthyllis rubicunda Wender.

Anthyllis saharae Sagorski

Anthyllis sampaiana Rothm.

Anthyllis scardica Wettst.

Anthyllis schiwereckii (DC.) Blocki

Anthyllis schiwerescii (DC.) Blocki

Anthyllis serpentinicola Rech.f. & Goulimy

Anthyllis spruneri (Boiss.) Beck

Anthyllis taurica Juz.

Anthyllis tricolor Vuk.

Anthyllis valesiaca Beck

Anthyllis vulgaris A.Kern.

Anthyllis webbiana nivalis Willk.

Anthyllis weldeniana Rchb.

Astragalus vulnerarioides All.

Common Name: Kidney Vetch

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