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Useful Temperate Plants

Agrostis perennans

(Walter) Tuck.


+ Synonyms

Agrostis aberrans Steud.

Agrostis altissima (Walter) Tuck.

Agrostis anomala Willd.

Agrostis campyla Tuck.

Agrostis canina grandiflora Hack.

Agrostis chinantlae E.Fourn.

Agrostis cornucopiae Sm.

Agrostis decumbens (Michx.) Link

Agrostis elata (Pursh) Trin.

Agrostis elegans Salisb.

Agrostis exarata angustifolia Hack.

Agrostis fasciculata (Kunth) Roem. & Schult.

Agrostis flavidula Steud.

Agrostis humboldtiana Steud.

Agrostis hyemalis elata (Pursh) Fernald

Agrostis hyemalis oreophila (Trin.) Farw.

Agrostis intermedia Scribn.

Agrostis kufuim Speg.

Agrostis michauxii Trin.

Agrostis novae-angliae Tuck.

Agrostis noveboracensis Spreng.

Agrostis oreophila Trin.

Agrostis pseudointermedia Farw.

Agrostis pulchella Kunth

Agrostis scabra Tuck.

Agrostis scabra perennans (Walter) Alph.Wood

Agrostis schiedeana Trin.

Agrostis schweinitzii Trin.

Agrostis scribneriana Nash

Agrostis tenuifolia fretensis Hook.f.

Agrostis violacea Phil.

Agrostis weberbaueri Mez

Alopecurus carolinianus Spreng.

Cornucopiae altissima Walter

Cornucopiae altissimum Walter

Cornucopiae perennans Walter

Trichodium affine Willd. ex Steud.

Trichodium altissimum (Walter) Alph.Wood

Trichodium decumbens Michx.

Trichodium elatum Pursh.

Trichodium muehlenbergianum Schult.

Trichodium noveboracense (Spreng.) Schult. & Schult.f.

Trichodium perennans (Walter) Elliott

Vilfa elegans Kunth

Vilfa fasciculata Kunth

Common Name: Upland Bent

Agrostis perennans
Plant growing in native habitat
Photograph by: Gerrit Davidse
Creative Commons License
Agrostis perennans Agrostis perennans Agrostis perennans

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