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Useful Temperate Plants

Adenophora liliifolia

(L.) A.DC.


+ Synonyms

Adenophora alpini (L.) Borbás ex Prain

Adenophora communis Fisch.

Adenophora cordata Tausch ex B.D.Jacks.

Adenophora fischeri (Schult.) G.Don

Adenophora intermedia (Schult.) Sweet

Adenophora liliifolia (L.) Besser

Adenophora marsupiiflora pilosa Korsh.

Adenophora mikoi (Borbás) Borbás ex Prain

Adenophora periplocifolia (Lam.) A.DC.

Adenophora perpallens (Borbás) Prain

Adenophora polymorpha Ledeb.

Adenophora rhomboidea Prain

Adenophora setulosa Borbás

Adenophora stylosa (Lam.) Fisch.

Adenophora suaveolens (Gilib.) Mey.

Adenophora suaveolens (Schrad. ex Hornem.) Rchb.

Campanula alpini L.

Campanula cordata Tausch

Campanula fischeri Schult.

Campanula intermedia Schult.

Campanula liliflora Roth

Campanula liliifolia L.

Campanula mikoi Borbás

Campanula periplocifolia Lam.

Campanula perpallens Borbás

Campanula rhomboidea Borbás

Campanula spreta Schult.

Campanula stylosa Lam.

Campanula suaveolens Gilib.

Campanula suaveolens Schrad. ex Hornem.

Campanula subuniflora Lam.

Campanula umbrosa F.Dietr.

Common Name: Ladybells

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