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Useful Temperate Plants

Achillea ptarmica



+ Synonyms

Achillea acuminata Freyn

Achillea dracunculoides Desf.

Achillea fragilis Balb. ex DC.

Achillea grandis Fisch. ex Herd

Achillea ircutiana Sch.Bip.

Achillea lenensis Turcz. ex DC.

Achillea leucanthema Pers.

Achillea linearis Steud.

Achillea maxima Heimerl

Achillea multiplex P.Renault

Achillea partheniflora Fisch. ex Herder

Achillea serrulata Hornem.

Achillea sylvestris Gray

Alitubus pyrenaicus Dulac

Chamaemelum ptarmica (L.) E.H.L.Krause

Chrysanthemum ptarmicifolium Puschk. ex Willd.

Common Name: Sneeze-Wort

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